Through our services, we activate educators as agents of social change by providing learning and networking opportunities that build skills, clarity, and common purpose.

The Personalization2020 Conference was designed to showcase the best classroom, school, and district implementers across the nation and is hosted in Providence, RI. Unlike many conferences throughout the year, this event was a chance for educators and leaders to discuss personalized learning as it exists today on the ground - both in terms of the day-to-day implementation in classrooms, and the strategies and systems that have effectively supported replication and scale across schools and districts.

Fuse Fellowship is a grant-funded initiative that strives to share, implement, evaluate, and scale blended learning by connecting educators across district lines. On an annual basis, we assemble a “dream team” of Fuse Fellows made up of educators and administrators who are experts at personalization and we match them with another district (separate from the one they work in)  to assess readiness, analyze data, and help disseminate best blended learning practices based on each district’s specific needs.

FuseRI   FuseMA


Fuse Architect was a 18-month high school redesign project funded through the Nellie Mae Education Foundation's Integrated Learning Systems grant. Seven high schools in six districts throughout the state of Rhode Island joined the program and tackled two of the most challenging aspects facing high schools across the United States--transforming systems towards Student Centered Learning Models and developing Integrated Learning Systems that tie together the diverse ecosystem of technology products used by teachers and administrators.


Fuse Classroom  is a yearlong professional development program for individual teachers who want to advance their own blended and personalized classroom pedagogy. Participants in this free program receive embedded support from Fuse Classroom Coaches, as well as in-person and online professional development. The Fuse Classroom cohort meets periodically throughout the school year for whole-cohort days that include site visits to districts around the state. Programming is designed around a September-March “sprint” that front loads the direct instruction and coaching. In the spring, Fuse Classroom teachers have the opportunity to earn designation as a Lighthouse Classroom in up to 4 domains.


Fuse Leader convenes principals and instructional leaders who are are implementing blended and personalized learning models in their schools.  The program provides a forum for these leaders to share experiences and grapple with the challenges inherent in this complex work. In sharing their stories and seeing blended and personalized learning in action through rotating site visits, principals provide each other with a supportive professional learning community.  Facilitated by current principals who are leading blended schools, with organizational and structural assistance from Highlander Institute, this group meets monthly, alternating site visits and face-to-face gatherings.