Our Approach

The Highlander Institute focuses on creating student-centered, personalized learning environments and improving teaching and learning on a national scale.

We do this by implementing a multi-faceted approach that includes the development and delivery of services, programs, resources, and events designed to support classroom, school, and district-level change.

Our guiding principles serve to define and drive each facet of our work and help us to understand and measure our progress towards our central goal of personalizing education for all learners.


Our Guiding Principles


We identify innovations and implement best practices in collaborative partnerships with classroom educators and system administrators.

We do this through our Services.


We advocate for and activate educators as agents promoting social change through blended and personalized learning.

We do this through our Programs.


We address gaps across all levels of the student and educator experience by creating specific resources and disseminating insights to field at large.

We do this through our Resources.


We act as a trusted translator, convener, and facilitator among stakeholders to ensure clarity, understanding, and common purpose.

We do this through our Events.