Our Approach

Highlander Institute focuses on creating student-centered, personalized learning environments, particularly for historically underserved student populations in RI and across the nation. For years, the Institute has worked on improving education by centering on the educator: providing unique, tailored, embedded supports at the classroom, school, and district levels.

As a result of deep partnerships with hundreds of schools over the past 10 years, we have developed a multi-faceted approach to educational change that meets schools where they are and builds ownership through full stakeholder engagement.

Our approach includes three strands of workΒ that each target specific sectors of our constituency. Our engagements, services, and resources are each designed to deliver value at varying levels of depth, cost, and time while offering comfortable entry points for both individuals and organizations.


Our Offerings


Deep multi-year partnerships with schools and districts centered on change-management and professional growth


A calendar of learning opportunities for individuals to develop practical knowledge and skills related to personalized learning


A suite of free/low-cost learning materials that allow anyone to engage with our work regardless of geographic or financial considerations