Strategies for Practicing Social Emotional Learning at Home

Highlander Institute Spotlight Series


Attending to sources of stress and prioritizing wellness are critical as students navigate learning from home in many reopening scenarios. As schools and districts begin the 2020-2021 school year, strategies related to social emotional learning (SEL) should ideally shared and reinforced by both educators and families. This spotlight demonstrates how a screencast created just for parents and families can be a powerful learning and messaging tool. The original version of this video was first created for Fenton Community High School & the Wood Dale School District in Bensenville, Illinois, whose administrators strive to be creative, clear, and concise in communicating with parents and families as valued partners in the education of their children. The Highlander Institute team would also like to thank and cite the NYU Steinhardt’s ASD Nest Support Project, which created and shared many of the resources we utilize and reference in this spotlight.