Reopening Schools: Ideas Across Scenarios

Highlander Institute Spotlight Series


Highlander Institute has launched a new list of ideas to support leaders in planning for school reopening for the 2020-2021 school year. This compilation reflects a review of 50+ articles, webinars, and plans as well as the collective brainstorm of 50+ talented teachers and leaders across the state of Rhode Island. The majority of this group is composed of Fuse RI Fellows, who have played a variety of critical leadership roles in their district transitions to distance learning this spring. Organized into five categories: Summer Planning, Full Distance Learning, Combination Learning, Full In-Person Learning, and Good Ideas Across Scenarios, our list attends to the values defined in our 4 Key Considerations framework – which sets meaningful learning on top of a strong foundation of relationship building, wellness, communication, and care for students and families.



Visit this link to peruse this new resource. Even if your school/district has decided to spend most of its planning time on one scenario, consider reviewing the ideas across tabs. Many ideas and strategies apply to a variety of situations and uphold best practices of teaching and learning, relationship-building, and family engagement.