BEP077 – Designing Equity-Based Goals

Why do we pull data and set goals around sub-groups in a school when we have a goal that’s hoping to meet the needs of all students?


02:00 Schools setting goals based on data on student academic success

03:00 Schools also set goals based on specific subgroups 

03:30 Trying to understand where some of the goals developed for subgroups came from

04:30 You look into the data, you see some gaps, you want to target success in those specific areas. And then you set those sub-goals based on where those gaps are. 

05:38 When we ignore the data indicating that certain subgroups are in crisis, we’re also ignoring their experience. 

07:00 How are we gathering as a community around these needy kids? 

08;36 Where is your focus when there are subpopulations and sub-goals

09:50 Personalized learning comes in to meet the students at their individual needs

10:50 If you plan for your neediest students, everyone’s going to benefit.

13:30 We need to plan from the student up, not the teacher down. 


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