BEP076 – Post-Covid Impact on Relationships in Schools

What is the impact on relationships that this remote virtual learning world has put on teachers, parents, students, and staff?

02:00 Why this episode

03:00  Building rapport and building relationships

03:19 Transactional relationships

03:45 You don’t have those water cooler moments anymore

04:17 How do you build trust?

05:00 Strategy cycles at Whiteknact Elementary, with principal Laurie Marchand 

06:00 “The reason I build rapport with my students is so that they feel safe.”

06:30 We need to continue to make connections and build rapport because we don’t have those in-between moments anymore.

06:53 Why do we default into existing, comfortable relationships?  It’s because we haven’t been able to build trust.

09:42 What are the great work that teachers are doing to build rapport?


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