BEP074 – On Stamina, and Why It’s Important

We talk about stamina as it pertains to distance learning from the student and teacher perspective, and the challenge of student engagement.

01:32 Three  buckets of stamina:

  1. from the lens of a teacher
  2. from a first grader doing distance learning
  3. from an older learner, an adolescent ninth-grade student

04:31 Everybody is trying to get some sort of sense of belonging, some sort of sense of connection, but at the same time, you have this cognitive dissonance

05:38 Is this a muscle that we just have to exercise over the next month or is this something that we’re going to be really working for the next year?

07:22 One of the things that’s connected to stamina is engagement. How are we keeping kids engaged as their stamina ends? And as my stamina, as a teacher, kind of ebbs? … What can I do about it?

08:15 Action steps on how to focus on improving virtual stamina


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