BEP071 – Teacher’s Guide to Bizarroland Success

This episode is a deep dive on teachers and what they’re dealing with as they go back to school and focus on student success.


01:44 The teachers are on the front lines of this, having to focus on student success, but also, redesign and rethink how they’re approaching these models. 

04:39 Polarization of emotions for teachers, like the excitement of being able to see the students, but also, the exhaustion.

06:41 I can imagine being excited to be with students and see students, but are they (the teachers) in general, excited to be in person, or is there a hesitation? 

09:38 Things that teachers are nervous about going back to school

  • How do I communicate to families the right kind of help? How do I coach parents and families around letting their kids struggle but not feeling helpless? 
  • How do I get to know my students who might happen to be distance learners? What’s one way I can get to know my students collectively that works in person or virtually?

11:36 Families, you want to help, how do you support your kids at home? 

  • establish a routine
  • set up a learning environment 
  • addressing stress and anxiety 

13:08 How do you figure out ways in the classroom to get students moving much more?

15:43 I want to give a shout out to all the teachers out there.You know, pre- COVID you guys are heroes. Now, just super, super, super heroes. So thank you for all you’re doing. Best of luck is as you get into the new routines, going back to school.

16:23 What do teachers need to bring into this 2020 school year for success? 

  • Just a sense of grace for yourself and your colleagues and the kids in front of you.
  • Include family support in the right way and from the beginning. 
  • Take a deep breath. No one’s done this before. You got this.




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