BEP070 – Back to School 2020

How are people making back-to-school decisions for K-12? We share our perspectives on some of the different strategies for going back to school.


01:24 Guidance from the state for how schools should be considering going back to school.

02:58 How are the school leaders impacted and trying to make these decisions and what are some of the decisions you’ve already seen?

03:21 As a school leader, as the school administrator, we talk about teachers wearing different hats. And the same is true for leadership, where you go from kind of being an expert in knowing your people and an expert in the bird’s eye view of your school curriculum.

06:19 It also makes me think about longer term. Does this adversity create some amazing strength in the school leaders and these teachers to be able to adapt?

11:32 And the thing that we feel like we’ve really boiled down, what we’re all about, are people, like putting the student at the center, and really focusing on the experience of the people that make up a school system. 


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