BEP069 – Today’s One Thing Week 6: Differentiation

Today’s One Thing is a series produced in partnership with The Learning Accelerator.

Week 6: How do you differentiate remote instruction?


00:42 Recap of past episodes

01:40 What differentiation is and is not

03:35 Tips for looking at differentiation in 3 different ways:

  1. Targeting instruction by strategically grouping your students
  2. Offering opportunities for choice
  3. Universal accessibility of content

04:31 How are you using data?

05:04 Buffet analogy

05:41 Targeting instruction by strategically grouping your students – heterogeneous or homogenous grouping

07:00 Assigning differentiated playlists

07:13 Using leveled reading tools

07:50 Students know when they’re getting different content

08:25 Having interactive online discussions


09:28 Thinking about what do all of my students need and what do some of my students need

10:56 Why some teachers have been hesitant to dive into differentiation

13:08 Offering opportunities for choice

14:40 Playlists 

15:11 Choice boards

15:49 Offering students choice for how they work and with whom they want to be working

17:38 The data should show you what is the best path for you.

18:01 Presenting the same content in multiple ways

18:56 Offering the content in multiple modalities

Combining the written or verbal material with visual material

21:30 Think about ways that you can flip your lesson plans to make them student-facing


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