BEP067 – Today’s One Thing Week 5: Assessment for Learning

Today’s One Thing is a series produced in partnership with The Learning Accelerator.

Week 5: How do I assess learning to inform and improve instruction remotely?


01:12 Data points to be used not to assign grades but as a concrete way to collect information to meet students instructional needs

02:24 What is important is how we can measure how our students are progressing with the assignments we are giving them, and what kind of formative data we can collect to help us inform future lessons that we’re going to be rolling out

03:29 Step 1: What past data do I have access to?

05:46 Step 2: How are you going to collect progress and formative data now?

08:38 Using rubrics 

11:25 Step 3: Non-academic data

13:39 Creating learner profiles for your students

14:08 How you can leverage any kind of family communication that’s sent by the school

Rocketship Care Corps

15:36 At Highlander, when you’re collecting information or data, your primary goal should be around impact.

16:13 The balance measure

16:38 Kids talking about how they don’t like school anymore

17:39 How can I make my students feel safe, or how can I help their family meet any needs?

19:25 Next step for families: Connect with teachers

20:54 When you’re talking about assessment any time, you should have a purpose behind why you’re assessing.


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