BEP066 – Distance Learning Feedback: What Do We Keep?

Christina did a survey in mid-March, asking students and teachers: What was successful about distance learning? What do you want to keep?


01:29 Reason for the survey

03:03 Use of choice boards and playlists so that students can learn at their own pace

03:51 What is a choice board?

05:18 What is a playlist?

06:11 Why do you think these things (choice boards and playlists)  have worked in this environment?

09:46 Opportunity for more teacher collaboration

10:42 Are teachers replacing this with live Zoom calls or are they doing it to complement it? 

12:08 The students liked having choice and they liked being able to have a little bit of control of when and how they complete their tasks

12:46 Teachers liked using screencasts to create their mini lessons

13:05 Using appointment calendars for communications

Calendly –

14:00 Students liked seeing their teachers

14:17 What action can we help teachers potentially take based on this feedback?

14:35 Choice-based asynchronous opportunities with small group follow up is a format to follow.


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