BEP064 – Screencasts: What, How, and Why?

We’re talking about screencasting in the classroom: how is it used and how can it help re-imagine effective learning in this new virtual world. 


01:30 What is screencasting?

02:14 Screencastifty

03:07 Making interactions more efficient

04:19 A teacher’s experience, and feedback from students 

05:56 What Screencastify can do for thinking and learning

06:32 How do we focus on outcomes first and design backward as to how we’re going to make this the best experience for somebody virtually, and then figure out the tools that complement that? 

06:46 Doing synchronous and asynchronous work for blended learning

08:05 Teachers’ challenges and how they can use Screencastify to address these concerns

10:45 How can I best use my instructional time? 

11:13 Loom


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