BEP063 – Today’s One Thing Week 3: Setting Up Systems of Accountability

How can we develop systems and strategies that help students to self-manage engagement and progress, and also own the accountability for their work? 

The Learning Accelerator –

01:13 Recap of past Today’s One Thing episodes

02:51 4 different things you can do to help encourage accountability

03:24 Identifying your goals

04:15 Each of your students have different learning needs

05:03 Different ideas that you can track for accountability

  • attendance
  • participation
  • completion of tasks
  • how many times students connect with their peers

06:57 Tech tools

07:40 Turn and talks

08:50 Leveraging technology to help hand over the keys 

12:27 Making sure that goals set by students or for students are attainable

18:36 I know this language

19:07 Give yourself some grace


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