BEP061 – Today’s One Thing Week 2: Structures for Independent Work

Bianca Davila of The Learning Accelerator joins us again as we talk about how can educators help set up daily structures at home so that students can engage with content, feel supported, and build habits that create independence and autonomy.


The Learning Accelerator –

02:40 What are the tips and tricks to just make it the best that they can to survive, build both independence for themselves and autonomy for themselves and maybe for their kids?

02:52 Set up clear expectations and parameters for independent work

03:23 Help create structures for students to seek help when needed

03:47 Encourage self-reflection and goal setting

04:43 Some parents are having a tough time letting students submit “messy” work

05:40 What should independent work look like? What are the expectations and parameters?

07:48 Establishing rules and routines is like building a bridge.

08:32 Resources for how students can reach out for help: Outside support and at-home support

13:62 Formal and informal goal-setting

15:49 The encouraging nod – how to replicate it virtually

16:41 Establishing routines – having regular check-ins

18:51 Building connections virtually

19:51 Give yourself some grace. Don’t give up.


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