BEP060 – School Story: Student Engagement with Baychester Middle School

Nando Prudhomme and Maureen Sigler of the Highlander Institute, and Liz Leebens of Baychester Middle School join us to talk about how the school is keeping kids and families at the center, and how that is driving student engagement in this time of a pandemic.


01:50 Background on Baychester Middle School 

Baychester Middle School in The Bronx, NY

04:32 What engagement meant before Covid

05:22 Making the transition to remote learning in March

09:45 How else are you using these structures to support this kind of engagement?

10:41 Gap between attendance and turn-in rate of students

11:44 Shifting the conversation from just checking in to the work that students were doing

13:25 Are kids having fun? Leveraging social media to motivate kids

Baychester on Instagram:

17:30 Parents are now more involved in their kids’ education

20:07 How teachers are now also coaches to parents

21:05 Parents are asking: How can we make sure that our kids are ready for the next grade?

22:00 How to increase family engagement

24:15 Advisory system and office hours as the new system for middle school setting?

25:05 Students now learning more about themselves

27:15 What are the measurable skills 

28:31 What you’re learning about how kids are learning

34:38 Actionable steps

37:20 The importance of connection


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