BEP059 – Today’s One Thing Week 1: Building Connections Virtually

We teamed up with The Learning Accelerator for this series, Today’s One Thing, where we focus on one thing that teachers can enact within the virtual classroom every week to connect with students.

In this first episode, Bianca Dávila joins us as we talk about how teachers can continue to provide touchpoints with their students to build and maintain a connection virtually.


The Learning Accelerator –

00:53 The Learning Accelerator’s mission

01:10 Today’s One Thing – TLA’s response to Covid-19 and the school shutdowns

03:20 What does it mean to build a connection between teachers and students and student families, and to shift that connection virtually?

03:50 How can teachers continue to provide touchpoints with students to let them know you’re thinking about them, etc.?

05:47 Strategies for connecting synchronously or asynchronously

09:45 If you stick to predictability, it might be limiting to some students. Do you have a solution to what stays predictable and what moves to flexible?

14:37 Action steps for teachers and parents


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