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You want more equitable outcomes for students. We can help you get there.

Schools achieve equitable outcomes by eliminating learning gaps between different populations of students, particularly those who have been historically marginalized based on race/ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, learning profile, language status, etc.

We work to eliminate learning gaps in three core ways.

    1. We build awareness of “belief gaps” that cause educators to hold lower expectations and unconscious biases for some student populations. We elevate research-based, culturally responsive instruction that increases belonging, affirms identities, builds academic mindsets, strengthens cognitive processing, and empowers students to take action against injustice.
    2. We go beyond test scores to build awareness of the whole student and their learning experiences. We collect and examine data on teacher strategy, student perspectives, and family input to develop holistic goals about what we want to be true for students and identify what is getting in the way
    3. We empower students, families, teachers, and community members to engage in decision-making roles across the school. This ensures that “what we want to be true” for students reflects the voices, perspectives, and assets of the full school community — and that our identification of “what’s getting in the way” addresses root causes and systemic issues.

Our 2022-2023 Offerings


Build momentum around school innovation

Facilitation of 6 meetings throughout the school year, for a team of up to 20 people representing a variety of stakeholder roles


Collaborate and share professional learning

Up to 3 coaching cycles aligned to our pedagogical framework. Coaching cohorts range between 4-6 teachers.


Tackle barriers and nurture inclusive change

Weekly support for Lead Change Agents at the school and/or district level


Build knowledge and inspire action

1-8 part PD series available for up to 100 educators


Deepen practice and accelerate growth

Support up to 8 teachers or leaders per professional learning community with this option


We identify needs and measure impact

Satisfaction/Feedback Surveys are included within each offering. Additional data options include Student Experience Surveys & Educator Self-Assessments.