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Invest in Expanding Instructional Equity and Improving Student Outcomes

Emerging from the pandemic, our schools are facing intense pressure to address unfinished learning as well as the trauma and disengagement experienced by many students this year. Highlander Institute offers a research-based approach that integrates critical social, emotional, and academic supports. Partner with us to fundamentally improve instruction, engagement, and student success.

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Our delivery models are designed to flexibly fit your local strengths and needs


Build knowledge and inspire action

Explore the connections between high expectations, powerful relationships, strong academic mindsets, and student achievement. Discuss high-impact instructional moves and plan for classroom-level application.


Collaborate and share professional learning

Gather in facilitated learning communities to discuss how to implement culturally responsive and sustaining approaches. Customize new strategies, collect evidence of impact, and reflect on next steps.


Deepen practice and accelerate growth

Develop student thinking skills and persistence through classroom coaching cycles centered on reflection and feedback. Receive individualized thought partnership and share emerging best practices school-wide.


Tackle barriers and nurture inclusive change

Receive personalized, structured support, focused on managing sustainable change, instructional equity, 
and family engagement. 
Grow in your role as consensus-builder, communicator, and problem-solver.

"During this very challenging year, I am so proud of the work that my school was able to complete with teachers and the community. If we can have this great momentum during a pandemic, the sky's the limit in moving forward. I am just bursting with gratefulness for the entire Highlander collaboration."

- Principal, Whiteknact Elementary School, RI

There are many ways to engage!

Flexibly combine supports to maximize impact


Scale your engagement from Professional Development 
to Full Change Management driven by Design Teams

When partnering with us, you can choose your level of engagement based on your current context and capacity. Through combinations of PD, PLC Facilitation, and 1-on-1 Coaching, schools grow teacher and leader practice by matching supports to local strengths and needs. Through full change management - centered on design teams and integrated with school improvement efforts - leaders build momentum for whole school reform through a focus on communication, continuous improvement, and stakeholder empowerment.

"The partnership with Highlander has been one of the very best experiences I have had in education."

- Instructional Coach, Tipton Middle School, IA

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