BEP058 – The Evolution of the Parent-Teacher Relationship

We talk about the evolution of the parent-teacher relationship and how these virtual parent-teacher conferences have started to become much more important as parents take on more of the teaching role and the teachers take on more of a consulting role. 


01:30 Feedback on BEP052 – What Does “Developmentally Appropriate” Mean?

02:44 What was the parent-teacher communication like prior to the pandemic? What was the typical conversation like?

04:32 Where we are now in the parent-teacher relationship: overlapping of roles of teachers and parents

04:56 How the current situation is helping the parent-teacher relationship

06:18 Parents seeing teachers’ point of view and teachers seeing parents’ point of view

08:12 Where IT (information technology) was prior to this [pandemic] vs where IT is now

09:02 How IT can be successful in the school setting 

10:27 The conversation on measurement: What are you really grading?

11:25 Do teachers want to take on this new [consulting] role? Is it what they want to do?

14:02 Involving parents in the conversation about what it means to be successful in school

15:03 Action step for teachers 


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