BEP057 – School Story: Greystone Elementary Shifts to Distance Learning

Mike Miele of the Highlander Institute and Stefanie Lafleur of Greystone Elementary School join us to talk about the expectations and reality of making the shift to distance learning during a pandemic.


02:31 Difference between digital and distance learning

02:58 Distance learning is not a synonym for virtual learning

04:09 Their [our kids’] social emotional well being is just as important as their ability to continue learning.

04:32 Friday the 13th (March 13th, when K-12 schools closed)

06:30 What did you (teachers and educators) expect going into this shift?

06:56 Reaching out to families

08:52 Hurdles encountered so far and how those hurdles have changed

09:38 Grade-level meetings every Friday

12:03 NASCAR analogy: Staying with the pace car; we don’t have to go past the pace car.

13:10 Zoom fatigue 

14:02 Our curriculum wasn’t built for distance learning

14:59 How are we going to transition back to the 6-hour school day in September?

15:51 Bringing in opportunities for socio-emotional learning

16:33 Point of re-evaluation: What is the most important thing kids need to learn? And what’s not?

17:47 When school is in the home: we need to meet kids and families where they’re at and support them along the way, and focus on SEL (socio-emotional learning) and relationship-building

19:52 Big picture perspective that keeps people at the center

20:23 Some of the successes experienced 

21:04 Shift to a real learning community focused on school change

22:52 Community is at the heart of all the work here (at Greystone)

25:25 Action steps to take


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