BEP056 – Experiential Learning through the Food System with Laura Jackson & The Yellow Farmhouse

Laura Jackson tells us about the Yellow Farmhouse, a working farm where they do education, food, and farm-based education for children and adults.

Yellow Farmhouse Education Center –


02:20 Yellow Farmhouse Education Center and its mission

03:36 Reconnecting to food – How much extra time does it imply?

05:08 If you include kids in the conversation around what they’re learning, chances are they’re going to be more engaged and willing to try, they’re willing to take a risk.

06:33 Learning more about this overlapping layering crossover into life skills and beyond

06:54 Nutrition curriculum in Stonington Public Schools

12:20 Getting away from food as sterile

13:29 Eating is a personal choice and is closely tied to people’s culture and their family preferences

13:41 It’s important for kids to have an understanding of the food system. 

15:44 Understanding the work that goes into raising food or growing food so that you have a different view as to why things cost what they cost.

17:14 Real life applications of skills used in the farm

18:38 What farm visits of school groups might look like

20:02 Kids seeing food at the source

22:51 Actionable steps for teachers/parents

29:43 Biggest piece of advice: Try to let the kids do it

30:03 Kids need to do to learn.


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