BEP054 – Remote Learning vs. Online Learning

We talk about the differences between remote learning and online learning, and the misconceptions about the two.


02:24 If this was an easy transition, you might have been doing something wrong.

02:50 Where does the student fit in?

03:25 There needs to be some predictability and routine to how the classrooms are built out 

03:35 Bigger adjustments around workflow 

04:15 Are you making changes with a purpose in mind?

06:12 Teachers feel so much less in control because this is the students’ domain now, being digital natives.

07:40 Rhode Island Distance Learning  Helpline

09:30 Acton step for teachers: simplicity

11:15 Have a  plan before you are making changes to your classroom… The best people to go to for feedback isn’t necessarily a coach, it’s probably your students.


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