BEP051 – The WOOP Process

The WOOP toolkit for educators helps students set a goal (wish), and by visualizations, help them imagine an outcome and an obstacle, then plan for it.


01:01  What is WOOP?

WOOP for classrooms: 

02:28. WOOP process (Nick)

Wish: To be in much better shape in 3 months
Outcome: I will feel much more energetic throughout the day, productive. I will feel like I have more energy for my young kids. I will feel like I’m able to give more to people instead of reacting to things. Just feeling like more in control.
Obstacle: time, kids
Plan: I could wake up early, then I could schedule in 20 minutes at a time. I could have someone monitor my excuses. 

08:43  Getting kids to think in terms of if then, of action consequence, is just a useful life skill to have, like a useful thinking pattern to understand.

09:17  How do you feel when the obstacle takes hold?; A different version of visioning

10:01  It (WOOP) is getting you to interrupt patterns of thought and interrupt negative scripts that students might have, where they might not think they could tackle those obstacles. 


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