BEP050 – The Importance of Preparation

What’s the importance of preparation in education, in the classroom setting?


02:00 Home Depot analogy: You wouldn’t go into Home Depot without a project in mind.

03:10 How do you plan with just the right amount of effort?

03:45 To those who say, “I’ve been in this for 10-20 years, so why do I have to prep?” What do you say to those people as far as making the smartest decisions when it comes to prepping, and how do you make the time for it?

04:24 Everybody should at least be able to identify the objective that students are working towards… And the ultimate goal is to get students to be self advocates in the classroom and to be able to tell anybody what they’re working on and why.

5:43  Would you, as part of the classroom time, also allocate or take their (students’) suggestions and just apply it real time to what your future classroom activities are going to be? 


  1. Prioritizing preparation 
  2. Figuring out how it fits into your routines 
  3. How can you build that into your classroom time and then apply it to your future activities, and give your students agency to help you.

08:13 Backwards planning construction

09:50 As you plan for your kids, have your objective, make sure you have a way for kids to meet that objective. Make sure that you’re measuring if they met it or not with some kind of formative tasks, and then literally provide the space. 


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