BEP049 – Pandemic & the Implications on Education

In the midst of the coronavirus discussion, we talk about the implications that this is going to have through the end of the school year, what this is going to do to student learning, and to administrations who are making these decisions. 


02:06 What I see is not necessarily a fear of this actual illness but a fear of all the structures and systems that are going to be upset if someone around them is sick or if you have to go into this quarantine 

03:30 What are your thoughts on how this is potentially forcing innovation, and if that’s a good thing? Or if people are going to make the wrong strategic moves because they’re trying to react?

04:15 People are going to start valuing what they have, as they think about the plans that they would have to make just in case some schools do have to close.

05:12 If we do this, if schools have to go to learning outside, of virtual learning, what counts as a day? What would you find value in? What boxes would you have to check to have them count a school day?

06:47 Pivot Podcast

07:19 Zoom technology

07:58 Switching to a virtual classroom 

08:56 Virtual learning would look very different first grade to fourth grade to eighth grade to high school level.

09:09 Vooks –

10:24 A lot of positives that can come from this as far as forcing people who are potentially uncomfortable with a virtual educational experience. 

11:23 One of the things that’s going to be interesting to watch for is a reprioritizing of what matters in a school day, and how that translates to kids learning away from school.


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