BEP047 – The Magic Wand Episode!

If you could wave a magic wand to create a school system of your dreams, what would it look like or what would the change be?


02:42  1. How might we create an integrated school system that honors all kids and their families? How might we train teachers and administrators to exist in that space and honor that space?

05:13 2. Places where kids can do meaningful work of lasting value where the metrics and the things we think about have a lot more to do with deep learning 

Nikole Hannah Jones
The New York Times
This American Life 



06:10 1. For kids at all levels in all schools to have experiences beyond the classroom walls, experiences with the community, for the community

Hidden Brain 

08:58 2. For flexibility, freedom for teachers, students and administrators



10:46 1. Infusing the curriculum with a focus on growth mindset

12:39 2. The economics of integration: Where upper class kids are going to learn from kids who don’t have the socio-economic advantages that they have, and the kids from the lower socio-economic status learn from the families who have built themselves up to have some financial success


20:08 Action steps for teachers


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