BEP046 – How Do I Become a Great Digital Citizen?

Mike Klein of the Highlander Institute joins us today as we talk about digital citizenship and how to become a great digital citizen.

01:57 Definition of digital citizenship

03:08 I was just thinking about what digital citizenship means to me, and I started to think about the words “steward,” “collaboration,” “transparency,” and really helping people become better. I’m wondering where you think where openness ends and privacy begins?

06:15 What would be your top 2 or 3 tips for somebody who has heard this term, doesn’t know how to start applying, what would be the key things to suggest that somebody should be considering in becoming better digital citizens?

06:38 Better understanding of how the internet works

Common Sense Media

Have I Been Pwned?

09:08 Once my information has been shared, what do I do? 

09:39 The most important thing is to have a different password for every account, and have it be complex. 

12:21 How do I talk to my students about this? What’s my first step with students?

13:35 Misinformation and disinformation

14:23 For teachers: Make sure that when you walk into your classroom and you open your computer it’s locked and you need a password to get into it. Password-protect your computer and your phone. 


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