BEP 045 – How Do I Use Adaptive Software to My Advantage?

In this episode we talk about adaptive software. How do you use it well? How do you make it work for you? And some ways to make sure that you’re not doing it the wrong way.

01:30 Definition of adaptive software

02:08 Prodigy Math 

02:46 Adaptive software being on a spectrum

03:31 What have you seen work best in the classroom? 

04:12 Do’s and Don’ts of adaptive software

04:40 The place or problem that it is solving

05:01 Know how to measure success

05:39 Talk about the data with your kids

06:06 Reflex Math 

07:30 Did you see the data sharing pieces? Did you see improvement or engagement just from that?

08:37 How do you define measures of success

14:52 Don’t set it and forget it


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