EdUnderground Gains Press Nationally

February 15, 2013 by highlander

The Highlander Institute’s teacher innovation lab, EdUnderground, has been gaining press and national attention. The group is growing and looking for more eager and innovative teachers to join. Monthly meetings are held at the Business Innovation Factory in Providence, RI.

Here is one EdUnderground article from EdSurge.

“There’s a group abuzz and making an impact in Rhode Island–a growing group called the EdUnderground, a progressive gathering of educators seeking to help teachers find and employ innovative technology in the classroom. Founded in the summer of 2011 as a small professional learning group that met at night to tinker with new apps for the iPad, the group expanded its scope and reach this past summer after receiving a $15,000 Professional Learning Community grant from the Rhode Island Department of Education.”

Also, check out our post from TeacherSquare founder Jessie Arora on her blog.

“One such organization is the EdUnderground, a group of ~20 educators in Rhode Island who have come together to learn from and inspire each other. As the co-founder, Shawn Rubin describes, ‘we are group of wild horses looking for our herd, feeling a lack of exploration and innovation in our existing school cultures.”


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