BEP073 – Families as Experts Series: SEL at Home

November 3, 2020

Continuing our family-facing series on supporting your child at home, we talk about practicing social emotional learning (SEL) at home, what SEL means, and its familiar and unfamiliar applications.    02:00 Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is about being able to manage one’s self and relationships. CASEL defines SEL as the process, through which children and adults … Read more

BEP072 – Families as Experts Series: The Learning Environment

October 29, 2020

Malika Ali joins us in this series about parents supporting their distant learners; a resource for parents on how to set their child up to be able to learn at home.  In this episode, we talk about how to set up the learning environment, and develop routines and procedures at home that allow the student … Read more

BEP071 – Teacher’s Guide to Bizarroland Success

October 27, 2020

This episode is a deep dive on teachers and what they’re dealing with as they go back to school and focus on student success.   01:44 The teachers are on the front lines of this, having to focus on student success, but also, redesign and rethink how they’re approaching these models.  04:39 Polarization of emotions … Read more

BEP070 – Back to School 2020

October 20, 2020

How are people making back-to-school decisions for K-12? We share our perspectives on some of the different strategies for going back to school.   01:24 Guidance from the state for how schools should be considering going back to school. 02:58 How are the school leaders impacted and trying to make these decisions and what are some … Read more

BEP069 – Today’s One Thing Week 6: Differentiation

July 2, 2020

Today’s One Thing is a series produced in partnership with The Learning Accelerator. Week 6: How do you differentiate remote instruction?   00:42 Recap of past episodes 01:40 What differentiation is and is not 03:35 Tips for looking at differentiation in 3 different ways: Targeting instruction by strategically grouping your students Offering opportunities for choice Universal accessibility of … Read more

BEP068 – Distance Learning Feedback: What do we leave behind?

June 30, 2020

In this Part 2 of the Distance Learning Feedback series, we share what students and teachers want to leave behind once we get to a new normal in the classroom.   01:04 Why talking about the “leave behinds” is important 01:22 Students and teachers miss actually being in person  04:16 Some students are struggling with … Read more

BEP067 – Today’s One Thing Week 5: Assessment for Learning

June 25, 2020

Today’s One Thing is a series produced in partnership with The Learning Accelerator. Week 5: How do I assess learning to inform and improve instruction remotely?   01:12 Data points to be used not to assign grades but as a concrete way to collect information to meet students instructional needs 02:24 What is important is how … Read more

BEP066 – Distance Learning Feedback: What Do We Keep?

June 23, 2020

Christina did a survey in mid-March, asking students and teachers: What was successful about distance learning? What do you want to keep?   01:29 Reason for the survey 03:03 Use of choice boards and playlists so that students can learn at their own pace 03:51 What is a choice board? 05:18 What is a playlist? … Read more

BEP065 – Today’s One Thing Week 4: Curating Content

June 18, 2020

How can educators flip existing content or curate content online to personalize and engage students, still with high levels of rigor?   01:41 Teachers, don’t recreate the wheel 02:21 Flipping the content: How can teachers translate their already existing super high-quality materials into the remote space? 05:12 Curating content: Open Educational Resources Commons https://www.oercommons.org/ EdReports … Read more

BEP064 – Screencasts: What, How, and Why?

June 16, 2020

We’re talking about screencasting in the classroom: how is it used and how can it help re-imagine effective learning in this new virtual world.    01:30 What is screencasting? 02:14 Screencastifty https://www.screencastify.com/ 03:07 Making interactions more efficient 04:19 A teacher’s experience, and feedback from students  05:56 What Screencastify can do for thinking and learning 06:32 … Read more