Episode 177: Developing Strength through Struggle with Mark Goblowsky


As a child Mark had always been interested in learning about martial arts, its strategy and the philosophy that went with13522808_10206762349006399_2544016239723955189_o it. He first heard about the martial arts through an elementary school gym teacher. The stories were extraordinary. His interest blossomed to a fascination with ideas of training in martial arts to build a powerful mind, body, and spirit though discipline and focus; and the ability to protect oneself from harm.

By the mid 1980’s, Mr. Goblowsky had the extreme good fortune to study Kung-Fu overseas while serving the U.S. Military. Mark trained fiercely to grasp the principles, techniques, strategies and philosophies of the art.

Guest Bio:

Upon being reassigned to the United States he was stationed at Offutt AFB, Bellevue, NE and continued his training at the Offutt Field House. There he was inundated with requests from other service members for him to teach them the skills he acquired overseas. While teaching adults at the base gym he was awarded the Martial Arts teaching position at the Offutt Youth Center.

The following year, upon receipt of his instructor certification, Mr. Goblowsky opened his first commercial location in Olde Town Bellevue under the name Bellevue Martial Arts Insitute, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since 1988 Mark has directly shared the beauty, strength and transformative power of Kung-fu with tens of thousands of people throughout the metropolitan area and at seminars around the country while setting the standard for professional martial arts instruction in the Omaha area leading the way with the safest and most effective teaching techniques, facilities, and curriculum.

(source: http://martialinfo.com/martial-art-instructors/profile.asp?martial-arts-id=11060)

Some Questions We Ask:

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Mark describes his childhood, upbringing, formative years, and what it was like growing up in a home with a lot of abuse
  • How Kung-Fu with David Carradine inspired him to pursue martial arts

“This guy had power, but it was this peaceful, calm, centered power.”

“Growing up in the home I did… I never felt secure or safe and so I wanted what that guy had.”

  • Where would Mark be without martial arts?

“Anger comes from pain.”

“These are aspects of life that are real, even if we wish they weren’t.”

  • How Mark’s past impacts his life today and how he reconciles the trauma he endured
  • Mark’s son Josh has severe brain damage due to being involved in a hit and run when he was three years old.

“The doctors never thought he would live.”

“When he walks into a room, he lights it up… he’s amazing, he’s quite an inspiration.”

  • How did Mark overcome anger and turn to living positively?

“If you endure the flame, the fire, you get stronger.”

“I don’t believe that anything shows up in anybody’s life that they can’t get through. I just don’t.”

  • Everyone has been through something that has made them show their heroic qualities. Don’t compare your story to anyone else’s.