BEP038 – Pathways to Personalization Part 5 – The Early Adopter

Shawn Rubin, Chief Education Officer, and Cathy Sanford, Director of Research and Development, both from the Highlander Institute, talk about their new book, Pathways to Personalization: A Framework for School Change.

This is the fifth of a multi-part series about the book. In this episode, Shawn and Cathy talk about the importance of the early adopters, who those people are, and the value that they provide.


01:57 Interesting trends from data collected from classroom walkthroughs in early adopter teacher classrooms

02:42 Diving analogy

03:31 We need people who are willing to stand on the end of  the board and push themselves to new levels publicly for the sake of the initiative.

04:04 Could you say if you’re not belly flopping you’re not doing it right?

04:19 Overemphasis on failure

05:45 Intention of early adopters

06:35 What these early adopters are really signing up for is research and development

07:54 The difference between early adopter teachers and pilot teachers

Diffusion of Innovations theory by Everett Rogers

09:32 Why is it worth it for teachers to be early adopters?


Book Release Party
Nov. 8, 2018 – Providence, RI

Pathways to Personalization: A Framework for School Change

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