BEP037 – Pathways to Personalization Part 4 – The Change Agent

Shawn Rubin, Chief Education Officer, and Cathy Sanford, Director of Research and Development, both from the Highlander Institute, talk about their new book, Pathways to Personalization: A Framework for School Change.

This is the fourth of a multi-part series about the book. In this episode, Shawn and Cathy talk about the importance of change agents as human capital, and the key for the framework.


01:45 The importance of the lead change agent and why it has been the key to the framework

01:50 Lead change agent as the heart and center of an initiative; who the right person is for the job

03:09 The lead change agent just really has to passionately believe that there needs to be a new vision for teaching and learning within their context.

04:14 A lead agent has to have charisma

05:16 Anybody can be a lead change agent

07:40 Example of a FUSE fellow and a problem they’re trying to solve

08:04 Leveraging playlists when Youtube isn’t accessible in the school

09:01 Symbiotic relationship between school leadership and teacher in solving a problem; then it becomes a much more rapid development in addressing future problems

09:32 FUSE RI program

12:22 Trusting the systems once they’re in place

14:32 Relationship between the lead change agent and the early adopter


Pathways to Personalization: A Framework for School Change

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