BEP031 – Driving Project Based Learning in a Blended Classroom

Can you do project-based learning in a blended learning classroom? How do you do it in the right way?

02:00 What’s the difference between PBL (project-based learning) and BL (blended learning)?

02:40 Project-based learning is coaching your students to engage with content through the lens of a project.

04:40 How do you frame it? How do you approach it from a design perspective?

05:24 Working with Mike Miele of PBL RI

06:21 Project-based learning in a blended learning classroom is a layering activity.

Example topic: World War 2

11:46 Sometimes students don’t know what they don’t know. And part of our job is to challenge them to think outside their own personal bubble of information.

12:22 Action steps for teachers on how to build in project-based learning to supplement or augment their blended learning strategy

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