BEP026 – Tales From the Field with Portsmouth (RI) Middle School Math Teacher Ray Steinmetz

In this episode, our guest, Ray Steinmetz, a math teacher at Portsmouth Middle School in Rhode Island, talks about his classroom experience from being a traditional math teacher to transitioning to blended learning.

01:35 Ray’s experience as a traditional math teacher

01:54 Learning through the Highlander Institute and shifting to blended learning

02:26 Ray’s technology background and the technology challenges he faced when he started teaching

04:35 Shift in perspective about using technology in the classroom

05:28 Meeting Jason Appel at the Blended and Personalized Learning Conference

06:01 Started to document his feelings, preconceptions, fears of blended learning, and how to get over that

08:28 How he developed his plan of using blended learning techniques in the classroom

11:50 Benefits of using playlists

“Because I’m not spending that time in front of the class, I have all the time in the world to help kids.”

13:04 How do you know that it’s working? What’s the impact? Do you have any specific metrics that you’re using or trying to develop that shows how things have changed from when you were using a traditional style to now?

16:00 Adapting a growth mindset for yourself and for your students

16:26 The power of mistakes

17:33 The issue of time: How has planning for this kind of teaching affected your regular routines?

19:07 How do you keep everybody in pace, because there isn’t an infinite amount of time in school?

19:28 Stopped giving regular homework


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