BEP025 – What is the Value of Homework?

In this episode, we talk about homework: why is it important, how do we make sure that students see the value in it, and how do we administer it the right way.

Vera De Jesus and Mike Klein from the Highlander Institute join Nick and Christina in this discussion.

01:57 Vera’s experience: homework was not being completed and submitted with consistency

03:53 Alfie Kohn

04:12 Even according to the research, there doesn’t seem to be any benefit for homework in elementary school. Where there does tend to be benefit in terms of homework in correlation with test scores, it’s in high school.

06:26 If you’re grading homework, stop doing that.

06:47 Grading homework sort of reinforced some habits that we didn’t see our students exhibiting in other areas (like cheating or copying homework).

07:27 Opportunity costs of homework

08:24 What purpose does the homework serve and why?

09:44 Isn’t there a value on homework in giving students a feel for what accountability is like, being entrepreneurial, what high school, college and the workplace is going to feel like? Isn’t there a value in that? Or, can that be replicated in the classroom, and less emphasis on homework?

12:31 The one piece of homework that I’m always ok giving is 30 minutes of reading.

14:02 When I’m thinking about homework, I’m thinking about the value from a soft skill perspective.

17:40 Some challenges faced by students in doing homework

18:48 Know your students. Take the time. The time is worth it.

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