BEP022 – How To Design Projects For An Authentic Audience

In this episode, we talk about how to design projects for an authentic audience, as an extension of the topic of project-based learning.

01:02 Why this topic?

01:51 Working through designing different projects with different teachers

02:33 Who would the kids present to?

02:55 Are we designing the project and then presenting it to an audience? Or are we letting the audience dictate what is going to be the most impactful project?

03:30 Context

  • Climate change project – presenting implications and recommendations to community members
  • Opportunity for students to present at a national science conference

07:17 I would love to see the research on replacing regular knowledge transfer with project-based. What is the validity? How much is actually retained by the student in the project-based delivery format vs the traditional format?

08:38 Suggestions on next steps for teachers;

  1. Commit to doing a project with your kids
  2. Think about your students
  3. Ask: Who cares?

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