BEP021 – Rethinking Student Government

In this episode, we talking about rethinking student government within the confines of traditional structures.

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01:55 What is the best way to provide students agency, give them leadership opportunities and make sure they can communicate and share their voice with institutional leadership and teachers? What have you seen as far as the problem to be solved and the ways to potentially solve it?

03:24 Where have you seen it done well? Have you seen it done well? What does that structure, that framework look like?

05:16 I wonder if student government in itself, was that created by teachers and leadership? Was that even something that students created themselves?

08:09 I think that’s the purpose that a student government is supposed to serve. It’s supposed to be a safe place for students to collect thought, to gather opinions, and then to present solutions to people who are ready to receive them.


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