BEP019 – How Do I Approach Student Feedback?

In this episode, we talk about receiving and giving good, constructive student feedback.

01:16 What’s the problem that you usually see in the classroom with student feedback?

01:56 The problem is: What are the lines of communication between teacher and student, and how can we build upon those lines of communication?

02:19 How do we start to approach the problem?

  • Take a look at how and when those two lines of feedback happen
  • Build on positive encounters with kids to collect feedback and make it intentional

04:58 How do you set the tone for what type of feedback you want and give them the opportunity in a trustworthy way to give you the feedback you need?

07:55 Has he seen any outcomes from that? Has he been able to evaluate like are student grades better? Has overall collaboration improved? I wonder if there’s metrics in place.

09:08 What would be a first step that a teacher could do to replicate what is done, maybe in their classroom?



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