BEP018 – How Can Core Values Drive Success In My Classroom?

In this episode, we talk about developing your own classroom set and personal set of core values to drive success in the classroom.

02:15 How do you move beyond, in both the teaching realm and personal realm and other professional realms, how do you move beyond just showing up and getting the job done? How can you approach each day with passion?

03:49 How can you stimulate yourself to stay motivated when things aren’t always going great?

04:21 Would it be important as a teacher to define your core values at the beginning of the year or beginning of the profession when you’re jumping in, and saying that expectation for students at the beginning of the year?

04:38 Is it (defining core values) something that is done in classrooms or is done at the school level?

05:43 What are you talking about, these core values and, if it makes sense, how do I start to execute on it?

08:14 Are you choosing core values that you are already doing really well, or are you trying to stretch yourself in new ways?

11:16 How can you translate this though [your core values] and get adapted just a little bit more to the classroom and education?

11:49 What is going to be important to you to instill in these kids, or the environment that you want to instill in these kids over the course of that year?

16:12: What is important to me? What is important for me to be able to model for my kids? What do I want them to learn this year?


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