BEP016 – How to Cultivate a Growth Mindset in Students

In this episode, we talk about long-term development for students to develop their own mindset shift. Specifically, about growth and fixed mindsets in students.

01:36 Why it’s important to talk about mindset especially in early education

02:17 What can teachers do in engaging passive learners

02:50 Cultivating motivation so that students are inspired to grow and to engage in activities to better themselves.

03:04 How do we create an environment where it’s okay for a student to fail?

03:55 Community action rather than just teacher action

04:56 Kids don’t have an idea what success really means

05:55 Competency-based framework

06:20 Failure doesn’t define you. Failure is just part of the process, and you will eventually get there if you put in the work.

07:59 In your work at Highlander Institute or beyond, have you seen growth mindset prioritized in the classroom where it’s a foundational part of skill-building and just like person-building in schools or classrooms?

08:45 Conversations between parents, teachers and students

10:06 Failure in itself isn’t the learning moment. The learning moment is the conversation that comes from the failure.

10:49 First step for teachers

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