BEP015 – How Do I Motivate My Students?

In this episode, we talk about student motivation. How do we engage passive learners?

01:31 How would you define this issue in your experience, and what have you seen?

02:33 Those kids, they are passively opting out, they’re not learning.

03:34 It’s not just about motivating them extrinsically. How do they continue to stay engaged and stay motivated so they take ownership over their learning for the long term?

03:50 Where have you seen potential solutions for this?

06:25 The ultimate student-led, student-held action in the classroom is through breakout boxes.

07:29 What teachers and what schools that you’ve worked with are using that technique?

08:52 What are some of the other benefits you see from this?

09:58 How does a teacher start to use a breakout box tomorrow, or just any other solution to start to drive student motivation?

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