BEP013 – What is Project Based Learning?

Mike Miele, Educational Strategies Specialist at the Highlander Institute, joins us to talk about project-based learning.

00:50 Introducing Mike Miele

00:57 Students learn best through hands-on experiences.

01:05 Project-based Learning Rhode Island (PBLRI)

01:40 How big is the community (PBLRI) now?

02:24 What is Project-based Learning (PBL)?

03:23 Gold standard project according to the Buck Institute

8 essential elements of project-based learning

04:19 For most students, the traditional test is a way to kind of to see what they know, but having students actually apply that knowledge through an experience … can really show a deeper level of understanding and skill where a traditional paper test cannot.

04:47 How can I engage my students in an authentic problem that can also display their skills around a specific subject?

05:20 Where does project-based learning start and experiential learning end?

06:26 Example of project-based learning

08:49 Structures / checkpoints that teachers need to look out for

11:31 Sometimes it’s better to start small than to start big.


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