Seeking Student Centered Classroom Redesign Project Manager

The Highlander Institute is a non-profit organization located in Providence, RI and operating as a national thought leader around blended and personalized implementation in schools. The Highlander Institute supports classrooms, buildings, district leaders and state education agencies in reimagining how students learn, how learning is measured, and what skills and competencies are essential for success both in college and beyond. Committed to equity in education the Highlander Institute strives to support all schools in designing competency-based, blended learning programs that achieve basic skill acquisition alongside project-based, personalized learning.

The Highlander Institute is seeking a Project Manager to coordinate all aspects of a new initiative. This project, funded by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation and in partnership with RIDE, RI Office of Innovation, EdSurge and IDEO, will provide schools and districts across the state with an 18 month design and implementation opportunity to build a new student centered classroom experience. This project will build upon Highlander Institute’s blended learning success, but push further around the tenets of student centered learning that we often don’t touch in our K-12 classrooms. This grant covers four phases of work and will require a dynamic and organized project manager who can navigate Rhode Island districts, schools and classrooms.

  • Phase 1 will involve the recruitment of districts and teachers interested in pioneering new ways of bringing learner-centered practices into the classroom.
  • Phase 2 will involve organizing district design teams that include participating district teachers and leaders as well as students and parents, all of whom will participate in a classroom design experience led by national education design leader, IDEO.
  • Phase 3 will involve taking the design team’s vision and operationalizing it through the selection of community partners and education technology, supported by EdSurge. These partners will help support teacher teams in their implementation of these new designs.
  • Phase 4 is all about implementation and starts in the Summer of 2017 and runs throughout the 2017/2018 school year as these growth minded teachers implement their new models with the support of their chosen community partner and software.

The grant will support up to eight of these implementations at the high school level across the state of Rhode Island with a focus on students in our most neediest districts and charters. .

In order to ensure the success of this highly anticipated new initiative, the Highlander Institute Project Manager will coordinate both the day-to-day operations, tasks and deliverables of the grant as well as the long term arc and scope of the project as it relates to the overall vision, mission and guiding principles of the Highlander Institute. This project requires the leadership of a talented project manager with experience and expertise in delivering success through logistics and coordination.   

The Highlander Institute is growing rapidly and is committed to hiring a staff that is a reflection of the population that it serves. To this end, the Highlander Institute is looking for talented applicants from diverse and underrepresented communities to join the team and help remodel our national education system so that students are at the center of their own learning.  

Job Responsibilities include:

  • Designing and implementing all aspects of the Highlander Institute project, including the coordination of all day-to-day operations,  including scheduling, service delivery, communications, and logistics.
  • Develop, utilize and maintain project management tools as they relate to the project
  • Lead short and long-term project planning with internal leadership team.
  • In partnership with the Director of Data and Analytics, create, execute and analyze data systems as they relate to the project
  • Liaising with all necessary partners, schools and districts, forging new relationships and maintaining long term partnerships, identifying current needs, developing customized supports to resolve barriers to implementation of the project, and responding promptly to all needs
  • Training all necessary partners engaging with the project to ensure fidelity to the work
  • Connect and consult with Highlander Institute team members to share information and impact of the project work


Knowledge of:

  • RI school, district, and LEA structure and culture
  • Project management
  • Student Centered learning theory and pedagogy

Technical Skills:

  • Strong communication, documentation, and organizational skills.
  • Superior writing skills

Non-Technical Skills and Behavior:

  • Performs duties professionally, thoroughly, in a timely manner, and with a respectful, friendly demeanor in both external and internal relationships.
  • Handles routine challenges with diverse consulting team with calm and good humor.

Ability to:

  • Exercise sound judgment and request assistance when needed.
  • Take initiative to solve problems proactively and work independently on tasks.
  • Respond ethically, professionally and respectfully as needed to different office situations.
  • Manage time effectively and follow-through on assigned tasks accurately.
  • Maintain professional demeanor regardless of internal or external concerns.


Minimum Education, Skills, and Experience:

  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Project management experience

Preferred Education, Additional Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Background in education or education-related field
  • Three years project management experience

Reasoning and Problem Solving Skills:

  • Ability to apply common sense understanding in daily situations.
  • Ability to make decisions with minimal guidance as needed.
  • Ability to determine and execute multiple problem-solving options that are responsive to a variety of stakeholders.

To apply, send cover letter and resume to Shawn Rubin,