STEM Center iPad Integration Training

On November 9 and 10, 2012 the STEM Center at Rhode Island College and the Highlander Institute held a workshop for 44 Rhode Island School teachers, administrators, and technology staff members.

Each teacher received a free iPad for attending the workshop and promising that they would train four more teachers what they learned. Training was focused on how to use the iPad and integrating iPads into mathematics curriculum.

The Highlander Institute lead a demonstration on Metryx, our mobile application that gives educators an easier way to conduct formative assessments and monitor student progress on the fly.

Melissa Pickering, founder and CEO of icreatetoeducate, demonstrated her latest software, and iPad app called MyCreate. MyCreate encourages students to create with their hands, engage with effective technology, and work in teams.

This workshop was the first of two series of workshops and represented a successful and positive step forward in math and science integration.