Shawn Rubin discusses Blended Learning

Shawn Rubin, director of Technology Integration at the Highlander Institute was on Rhode Island National Public Radio this morning to discuss blended learning in the classroom.

Blended learning combines traditional face-to-face classroom methods with computer based learning. This approach is especially important in schools where there is a gap between the students that are on grade level and the students that are below grade level.

“The power in these tools is to be able to meet that student where they’re at [grade level wise] and to still allow them self-confidence to feel like they’re interacting with content that is appropriate for their age.” says Rubin.

Blended learning often meets resistance from those who believe that children should not be exposed to technology such as iPads, video games, or computers in the early grades. To this idea, Rubin replies, “Our students see us on screens so much during the day that it’s not really fair to say to them ‘we can learn this way, we do everything this way, but for you it’s not okay’.”

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