Kindergarten Teacher Blogs to Communicate with Parents

Marlene Viveiros, kindergarten teacher at the Highlander Charter School reached 500 views on her classroom blog today!

She started her blog this school year as a way to communicate with parents about what their students are learning in school.

Viveiros tries to post pictures and videos once a day. She says it’s a great way to get parents more involved in their children’s schoolwork. Many children will come home after school and when their parents ask what they did all day they just reply with “nothing”, but now they have the ability to show their parents exactly what they did creating more excitement around learning.

Parents comment on the blog posts and love seeing their children’s work. Viveiros shared that Max’s mom told her, “those self portraits are so great, I’m glad we could see them.”

MeliBeth’s mom says, “All I want to say is thank you to the great staff at Highlander, great people that work really hard to brighten the life of each and every student and care for them as a family”.

To check out more pictures and keep up with the kindergarten class go to: