Education Pledge Rhode Island

At the Highlander Institute we have made a pledge to education through Education Pledge Rhode Island.

Education Pledge Rhode Island was funded by the Rhode Island Foundation and the Nellie Mae Education Foundation. They are committed to giving our educators everything they need to do their very best in the name of Rhode Island’s children.

According to the Education Pledge Rhode Island website, “A great education is one of the most important factors in determining success. In order to achieve great results, we need great schools which inspire students to greatness. By pledging, you show that you are willing to do whatever it takes to support our educators and our students.”

To date, 152 pledges have been made in Rhode Island by students, family members, teachers, principals, and interested citizens.

Pledges such as:

“to do my homework.” – Eric, Providence

“to support students and educators.” – Tina, Cranston

“to stay informed about how schools in Rhode Island are performing.” – Sara, Providence

“to be a partner with my students’ teachers.” – Carol, East Providence

What do you pledge to make the future of Rhode Island great?

Go to for more information and to make your pledge.