Diverse Learners Conference

On Saturday, November 3, the Highlander Institute will be hosting the Diverse Learners Conference. The conference will be held at the URI Providence Campus, (80 Washington Street, Providence, RI) and is open to educators, administrators, tutors, and parents.

Purchase your tickets here, http://diverselearners.eventbrite.com/

The Diverse Learners Conference features 12 workshops focusing on a wide array of topics from “How a Single iPad can Transform your Classroom” to “Understanding the Reading Brain”.

The Highlander Institute is proud to announce the 2012 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Anita Archer. Dr. Archer will be speaking on: “Engaging All Students: Establishing Inclusive Active Participation in All Classrooms”. In the past, she has taught both elementary and middle school and has won eight Outstanding Educator awards. Dr. Archer is currently an education consultant on effective instruction, classroom management, language arts instruction, and study skills.

To register for the conference visit: http://diverselearners.eventbrite.com/

For more information visit c6372.sgvps.net or call: (401)831-7323.